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digital photography and experience emotions with me

The essence of photography is the crucial moment which I try to capture. It is about the inner agitation to press the release with all the emotion, the passion as well as the joy about the result – when light and shade interact and are immortalized in a composition.


My interest in photography was kindled more than 25 years ago.  During numerous trips abroad I considered it a challenge to take more than one moving picture. Moments that would otherwise be lost, authentic emotions, special atmospheres, inimitable compositions are only a few of the inspirations that I have been trying to capture with my photos again and again.


Years of doing a variety of sports –mainly professionally – such as snowboarding, surfing, baseball, handball, doing motocross, playing golf...are now an advantage when it comes to sports photography. Being familiar with many motion sequences the perspective through the objective lens is different for me, a result of my fascination with sport – simply pure adrenaline and emotion.

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Furthermore I have also been able to gather valuable experience in the field of event photography as part of my job. Due to many co-operations – NUKE, Street party, Beat patrol,... – I am often very close to the live acts with their amazing variety of motifs and the fantastic, expressive snap shots, simply pure life and emotion.


Personally speaking I view commercial, product, portrait, wedding and fashion photography as great challenges – no shooting is the same – whether it is in the studio or on location. All the variety increases my creativity and the pictures become unique - simply pure sensation and emotion.


I have never seen an ugly object in my life, no matter what the shape of this object may be - light, shade and perspective are going  to make it beautiful. John Constable


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