I have got an idea in my head, an image in my mind’s eye and love for detail.

Pictures are worth a thousand words!


I love to show the fast movement in sport so that one can feel the exertion itself. I love to show the peace and quiet of nature with all its rich diversity of colours and facets so that one feels part of it. That happens when an expressive face in a picture starts telling a story and a child’s laughter captured in the photo becomes contagious. And if a photo of an event grabs you and you think that you were there yourself then I have achieved my aim:


Through my idiosyncratic style as a professional photographer I try to make pictures come alive for you – showing you my perspective of joy, movement, emotion, action and passion.

Helge Wöll

Hochreithstraße 6

A-3161 St. Veit/Gölsen

+43/664 248 25 28




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